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Your breath is thick with milk and booze, my arms could wrap around you twice.
S___ you make me forget that nothing tender comes without a price.
When you send me pictures of the death of Autumn, and your naked chest
and smile at my mouth like someone stuck in my teeth knows you best.
I grabbed my phone and made an image of the pictures on our skin.
I met my friend; he said "This time of year, the veils are very thin;
and we all see
worlds we were never meant to see."

I'll be your spirit lover,
but that's all I'll be
Maybe your spirit lover,
but that's all I'll be


One day Toshiro woke, distinctly sure that he was being watched.
He shot up, took his sword, and glared at every corner of the room;
And each familiar thing seemed somehow flat, and gray, and cold to the touch;
He howled out low and shrieked up high into a light white as the moon;
and laughing, wild, he leapt into the light, and saw the village go.
He landed hard, caught by the cool eyes of a girl in the front row.
They left the room unnoticed, past a crowd impatient with a film
now full of awkward pauses, empty frames, and henchmen drinking wine.
They galloped through the lobby, his hand rough and hotter than a kiln
And then he knew, and signaled with his fingers "We don't have much time!"
They climbed a bank, and jumped from roof to roof, and kissed above Downtown,
and bared their teeth and asses at a cop who tried to shout them down.
He carried her across the street; they hunted pigeons in the park,
and as they licked the bones clean at the cooking fire, it was getting dark...
He put her fingers in his mouth, and hummed with grief, and bent his head;
"I'm frightened, girl" he told her.
"Don't be stupid – it can't all be war" she said.
Then, like a dream within a dream, he left her suddenly alone.
She felt a shiver, and it warmed her to the marrow of her bone.
She left the park and met her friend who read the Tarot and she said:
"I've never felt so sad as when I felt him bend that wild head,
or felt so strong as when I raced him and I knew I'd let him win."
Her friend just smiled and said "This time of year, the veils are very thin,
and we all touch
worlds we were never meant to touch.
Go find a spirit lover,
but don't expect too much
Cause spirit lovin's fine
but it's not love, as such."


And that's where this concerns you and me:
I'll be your spirit lover, but that's all I'll be


from 2013 - 2005 (demos and home recordings), released April 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Howly Dogs Minneapolis, Minnesota

Howly Dogs started as a solo project in CA, was a band in CT & MN, and is now on indefinite hiatus.

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